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  1. pinokio

    560 by @Fred06

    Please do more pictures from difrent angles! coud you compare on the same picture with orginal yamaha grips?
  2. pinokio

    TMax Tech MAX 2021, nouvelle teinte!

    To me, new tmax color is very very similar to this color. Don't like it at all. But maybe i'm wrong, yamaha is a bit bluish :)
  3. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    with vibration dumpener mount is a bit wobby :)
  4. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    ... on the bike Because now i have anti vibration dampener the whole head is a bit loose. i hope it won't be a problem for reading from the screen. Charging cable will be replaced soon and will be under front cover.
  5. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    new Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head (ugraded design) + Vibration Dampener on my old made in Taiwan mount :) will be continued...
  6. hi exo :)

    what is in Red Zone? :)

  7. pinokio


    Just that will be recalled all yamaha bikes with cruise control not just tmax 17-20
  8. pinokio

    LuxMax 2016 #NardoGang @phatTMAX

    the most beautiful grey 560 to date. very good pics too.
  9. pinokio


    Important! I just received a notification from the yamaha dealer about recall of all cruise control that will take a place soon. The source of the problem is the microswitches on the brake lever. I a case of Tmax 530/560 at both brake levers. The replacement will take place after the new year.
  10. pinokio

    560 camo

    Cestitke Dejane :) Masala i sa srecom!
  11. pinokio

    LuxMax 2016 #NardoGang @phatTMAX

    No need for to much words . just perfect.
  12. pinokio

    Recensement des problèmes sur le 560/2020+

    you mean cruise control? when you try to put it on stand by?
  13. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    from last winter
  14. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    from last year :)
  15. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    From this year