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  1. pinokio

    DX 2019 embrayage HS à 10000km

    Yes, dealer check my VIN and said that my number fit in recall range. Also they told me that Yamaha will replace clutch only if you ask for it, they willl not recall all bikes. Finaly they told me that for that range of Tmaxes, Yamaha extended waranty for clutch to 5 years. This is what i was told. :)
  2. pinokio

    DX 2019 embrayage HS à 10000km

    Report for today, 18:00, sir! The clutch will be replaced, sir! My clutch, is covered with FIVE YEARS WARRANTY, sir! Yamaha is still good brand, sir! Over and out! Sir, yes, sir!
  3. pinokio

    DX 2019 embrayage HS à 10000km

    Yes Sir! the search for a guarantee rights has already begun.
  4. pinokio

    DX 2019 embrayage HS à 10000km

    I had very, very similar symptoms from last week with my 2019 DX. Tomorrow i will contact my dillership. My warranty will expire in one month. btw. I never touched engine whatsoever.
  5. pinokio

    Support telephone

    the realy best solution
  6. pinokio

    Le TMax de Gaet34

    Exo, you are treasury of knowledge!
  7. pinokio

    Présentation de mon DX 2018

    Yes it was that color. SMX isn't THE SAME color for as we had from 2017 and later, but it is very, very close :) If you have two parts overlaped, than perfect light source, and enough time you will see a diriffrence. anyway, who cares, SMX is good enough.
  8. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    Yamaha Selle Design chauffante BC3-247C0-A0-00 - Black ucimo francuski :)
  9. pinokio

    Pinokio [dx] 2019

    Rear Carrier base - partially painted piano black
  10. pinokio

    560 camo

    why we do not have it as standard?
  11. pinokio

    560 camo

  12. pinokio

    560 camo

    and maybe you need just this: video
  13. pinokio

    560 camo

    jebote! sta je ovo?! auuuuuuu, hocu i ja ovakav! aaaaaa bravo i uzivaj u svakoj voznji!
  14. pinokio

    560 by @Fred06

    Please do more pictures from difrent angles! coud you compare on the same picture with orginal yamaha grips?
  15. pinokio

    TMax Tech MAX 2021, nouvelle teinte!

    To me, new tmax color is very very similar to this color. Don't like it at all. But maybe i'm wrong, yamaha is a bit bluish :)